Lord, May You Be With Everyone Battling Cancer. Be Their Place Of Comfort And Be The Strength For Those Who Have Their Beloved Ones In That State.




It really does make perfect.

When you set your mind onto something and tell your-self that you will really excel at it, trust me you’ll excel. Saying it isn’t good enough. You need to practise, practise and practise more.

I knew this to be true, but I never really put much thought on it. It’s day 4/365 and I’m on my fitness and flexibility routine. Trust me when I say I couldn’t get my head to my knees on 31-Dec-2018. Four days in, I’m getting it there, with a little pain. As days go on and I practise more, I’ll get them there with no pain at all.

I’m excited for what’s ahead of me. I repeat, practise does make perfect.

Fitness 2019

Besides aiming true happiness in this year, I want to be physically fit. I’ve been eating whatever I set my eyes on without worrying much about what it does to my body. Tell you what? I’ve loaded some load of weight on me and I’m not loving any tiny bit of it.

I’ve set up a 30 day fitness challenge and I’m strictly following it. I’m watching what I’m putting in my body (it’s really hardπŸ˜‚) but I’m determined to get used to it.

I devote my few morning minutes to sit ups, push ups, squats and exercises of some sort. In the evening I do yoga. And tell you what? Yoga stretches are an extreme sport. I love the pain though.

This is also making me happy. Genuine happiness for real. I love it. πŸ’ƒπŸ½β€


Happy New Year readers and fellow bloggers. May you achieve whatever it is that you desire.

Forget about yesterday’s pain, forget yesterday’s enemies and yesterday’s drama. Start your year as a fresh person. Do not give in to anything that takes away your happiness. Focus on your self. Love everyone around you so much, without loving yourself any less.

Filter what you let in your life. If you are the bad friend, re-evaluate your self because you do not want to be the person everyone is avoiding and or cutting off. If you are the good friend, keep doing what you are doing because your kindness is what we need in this world.

My 2019 goal is to really be happy at whatever I do. Be happy. Be happy. And be happy. 😁😁

Hurt to the core.

Guys, I’m so so hurt. When I see people in love I just want to laugh because all I see is “blind” people. When I see happy pictures I’m so tempted to comment “lolπŸ™„”. When someone tells me of their love story I’m just like, “yeah, whatever”. Because I had a similar feeling and it was really all just trash. That’s why.

I just need to get over this. Because yoh, ha ah. πŸ˜£πŸ’”

2018 in a blog post!

I’ve been typing and backspacing the first statement of this post because I don’t know what fits to come first.

My break downs and lows or my build up and highs!? 😞

Once, this year began like all others did. Yaay, Happy New Year, I cheered happily. May this year be filled with lots of love, happiness, over flowing joy and little or no shed tears. I repeated to myself on the very first days of the year. Of course we all want to be happy and all the good stuff.

I’ve never had strict new year resolution plans and so everything went by as it came. For someone that does not like surprises, I wasn’t even surprised by what actually happened during the course of the year. Almost like I saw it all coming.


Guuurl, have you ever been cheated on by a niqqa with another niqqa!? πŸ™„


Flames ollova.


I started the year with so much determination about this. I was determined that I’ll have my books done and dusted before midyear. But this year didn’t have that in its budget for me so I was setback by a number of things. Personally I was going through so much that my mind couldn’t just concentrate on something and finish it. So for the most time I wrote about my emotions without even knowing. The plan had been to end the year with three books with a few people I’ve been working with. But along the way things changed and we went separate ways. Things didn’t end well but they had to happen.

Fast forward, getting to the end of the year, I got my resources and material together and finally I got my books done. No, not three but two. And for that I’m still proud of what I’ve done on my own.

Let All Out

As much as I may want to hide my earnest emos and display them in that sort of poetic manner, I just can’t. Some are intense and can’t easily be hidden.

So I write about them in truth, although it has not been the intention.

Worst Birthday!

If you haven’t read “Tony” I think you should go back and do so.

It was the 20th of April 2018. It was my birthday and I was turning 20. Notice that I turned 20 on the 20th. And in the history of birthdays, it is called A Crown Birthday. I had planned it to be an epic one with a cute crown, beautiful dress and what not, go out with my friends and Tony at a nice place, have dinner and what not. I trusted this guy so much that I gave him the MONEY to organise everything and what not.

As the days drew near I was told that some of his friends will join us and I was excited like, “yaayyy, the more the merrier, right!?” I didn’t even ask about how far the preparations were going cause I was told things will be taken care of. The day before the main day arrived, I was told that some of his friends have backed out and also the venue has changed.

Also, I’ve been told to cancel the invites I’ve sent to my friends. πŸ’” So it was going to be me, him and his friends.

We went to our new venue (I won’t tell where it was because I’m still disappointed up to this day😭)

In the midst of the vibing and partying a few of his friends came to join us. One of his friends said, “happy birthday” and me as the birthday girl replied “thank you” with a broad smile on my face. But what I got in return were blank replies and the moment just got awkward. One of the girls also responded, “thank you for the wishes”. I was confused. More people kept approaching and directing their wishes to this girl and she kept saying “thank you”. Like, What In The Actual Fuck!? It was HER birthday after all.

Suddenly things started to make sense. Why I was told to cancel with my friends, why the venue changed and all of it.

The gathering wasn’t even mine. And Tony knew it and kept it from me. I wanted to cry and I did.

The disappointment, the pain. His reasons as to why the plans suddenly changed were just, uuurgh, I don’t even want to go there. 😩

Just so you know, Tony and this girl are in the same class, I’ve seen them spend a lot of time together, he says the girl is the one that wants/wanted him but he doesn’t, blah blah blah and blah and rumour has it that they are having a thing now. Not that I care much, but come on! πŸ’”

Wilhelmina, you’ll be just fine, yeah!?