I can see the pain in your eyes
You are trying to hide behind it
But I won’t believe your plain lies
Because I want to give you the aid you need.

I have never seen you smile since we met
Because you think being sad is enough
I have a number of jokes I need to crack
Just to make you laugh.
The only thing you needed was joy
So you gave him your heart
And he played it like a toy
And left you hurt.



Pain is as bad as the sound of its name, painful
It demands not so much, other than you to just feel it
That is what makes it unbearable
You can cry all you want to let that pain out
You can get used to crying because, you know, it’s not as painful
But I tell you,
You will never get used to the pain your heart feels after every breakdown.


There is nothing as painful as a relationship break up. Unless you never truly loved that person. The fact that the journey you once thought would never end has come to an end is heart breaking. The fact that the person you thought would never leave your side has left is sad and hard to accept.
Who could have ever thought that the person you called the love of your life is no longer the ‘love of your life’? It’s sad to think that what you once shared meant absolutely nothing and sometimes it takes years to realize it, after a terrible break up.
Life is full of surprises, lessons and blessings. Life will make you feel like you have finally found the person you can grow old with, only for that break up to come out of nowhere and ruin it for you. After that break up, you will realize a thing or two. What you had was meant to be a lesson, a blessing or both. But I tell you, do not force things that are not meant to be. It is an absolute waste of time. Do not lie to yourself that you cannot live without that person’s love. Do not hurt yourself, do not waste your time, do not delay opportunities that are out there waiting for you. Move on.
Break ups are a pain, and moving on is what heals the pain. No matter how deep the wounds may be, moving on is the best way to heal them. Let go of what you have lost. Take it step by step. Do not take it too personal and very soon, even the memories will start fading, becoming completely vague. Do not hold on to what you can never have. Someone said, ‘often times, we look so longer to the closed doors that we don’t realize the door which has been opened for us’. I strongly agree. Let go of what was and hope for what is to be, which must be better.