They find you enclosed in your hard shell. Where you’ve hidden yourself from the sorrows and sadness of life. Yet, they find it easy to call you out into the world.

They said there’s more life compared to the hard shell. They said there’s more light outside the shell.

Little did they know you were hiding from mostly, the more life and you find comfort in the darkness of the shell.


Such Nights

You give out so much energy without minding about whether you receive the same from them. You give your 100%, but they have never given you their 1%. You think that’s okay because you have made yourself believe that’s just fine and how it should be. 

Later on you realize it was never meant to be like that. It’s only now that you are noticing they’ve taken you for a fool. Worst of all a blind fool. 

It is only now that when you have soaked so many pillows with your tears every night do you get the picture. When you’ve cried more tears than the whole world has ever seen that you notice you deserve way better than they treated you. 

The world doesn’t owe you nothing, as much as you don’t owe them any explanation when you rise up, built a bridge across the river of tears and crossed it, leaving it burning down in flames so you may never go back to where you cane from. Child, your night tears mean nothing to them. 

Stop crying. Next time I wanna see you cry, is when your puppy dies. Because puppies are actually better than most humans.