Worst Birthday!

If you haven’t read “Tony” I think you should go back and do so.

It was the 20th of April 2018. It was my birthday and I was turning 20. Notice that I turned 20 on the 20th. And in the history of birthdays, it is called A Crown Birthday. I had planned it to be an epic one with a cute crown, beautiful dress and what not, go out with my friends and Tony at a nice place, have dinner and what not. I trusted this guy so much that I gave him the MONEY to organise everything and what not.

As the days drew near I was told that some of his friends will join us and I was excited like, “yaayyy, the more the merrier, right!?” I didn’t even ask about how far the preparations were going cause I was told things will be taken care of. The day before the main day arrived, I was told that some of his friends have backed out and also the venue has changed.

Also, I’ve been told to cancel the invites I’ve sent to my friends. 💔 So it was going to be me, him and his friends.

We went to our new venue (I won’t tell where it was because I’m still disappointed up to this day😭)

In the midst of the vibing and partying a few of his friends came to join us. One of his friends said, “happy birthday” and me as the birthday girl replied “thank you” with a broad smile on my face. But what I got in return were blank replies and the moment just got awkward. One of the girls also responded, “thank you for the wishes”. I was confused. More people kept approaching and directing their wishes to this girl and she kept saying “thank you”. Like, What In The Actual Fuck!? It was HER birthday after all.

Suddenly things started to make sense. Why I was told to cancel with my friends, why the venue changed and all of it.

The gathering wasn’t even mine. And Tony knew it and kept it from me. I wanted to cry and I did.

The disappointment, the pain. His reasons as to why the plans suddenly changed were just, uuurgh, I don’t even want to go there. 😩

Just so you know, Tony and this girl are in the same class, I’ve seen them spend a lot of time together, he says the girl is the one that wants/wanted him but he doesn’t, blah blah blah and blah and rumour has it that they are having a thing now. Not that I care much, but come on! 💔

Wilhelmina, you’ll be just fine, yeah!?


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