2018 in a blog post!

I’ve been typing and backspacing the first statement of this post because I don’t know what fits to come first.

My break downs and lows or my build up and highs!? ๐Ÿ˜ž

Once, this year began like all others did. Yaay, Happy New Year, I cheered happily. May this year be filled with lots of love, happiness, over flowing joy and little or no shed tears. I repeated to myself on the very first days of the year. Of course we all want to be happy and all the good stuff.

I’ve never had strict new year resolution plans and so everything went by as it came. For someone that does not like surprises, I wasn’t even surprised by what actually happened during the course of the year. Almost like I saw it all coming.


Guuurl, have you ever been cheated on by a niqqa with another niqqa!? ๐Ÿ™„


Flames ollova.


I started the year with so much determination about this. I was determined that I’ll have my books done and dusted before midyear. But this year didn’t have that in its budget for me so I was setback by a number of things. Personally I was going through so much that my mind couldn’t just concentrate on something and finish it. So for the most time I wrote about my emotions without even knowing. The plan had been to end the year with three books with a few people I’ve been working with. But along the way things changed and we went separate ways. Things didn’t end well but they had to happen.

Fast forward, getting to the end of the year, I got my resources and material together and finally I got my books done. No, not three but two. And for that I’m still proud of what I’ve done on my own.


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