DAY 14: Do I have any special talents?

Yes, I’d love to believe that I do.

Besides writing, I am very good at playing netball. I’ve been playing it since I was like 10 years old and I’ve been a star since then. No lie. 😂😂


DAY 13: Favorite quote

“It’s yours, if you want.”

I think I said that once and started believing it. So I’m the wise woman behind those words.

This is quiet simple. If you baldy want something, it will be yours. You have got to work hard to earn it and own it, but first you got to want it.

DAY 11: A few of my weaknesses.

1. I usually let people’s negative opinions about me get to my head. So I sit back, blame myself and force myself to believe that I’m not worth it. I’M WORKING ON CHANGING THIS.

2. My soft spot for people is TOO SOFT. I get taken advantage of because of that. I am always willing to go a whole mile even in times when I’m never sure it will be reciprocated. I don’t know if that can change but that’s me.

3. I can’t shoot my shot, sadly. So I let this fine boys pass by and I watch in awe. But such is life. 💔😂

DAY 10: A few of my strengths.

I thank God for my life, and the type of person he has made me to be.

I believe I am a very strong person. I have encountered many hardships yet I have prevailed and gotten out of them.

My first strength is “Controlling My Temper”. I have a temper yeah, a bad one, but never a time have I badly put it on someone. (Kidding I have, just not as much) it is something I have learnt to control over time and I am grateful for that because I don’t know what I would have done had I not been able to control it.

My second strength is “Keeping A Positive Mindset”. I don’t know about you, but “quitting” is not in my blood. I am like my father. Once I set my heart into something, I don’t stop until I get it right.

Tell you what!? I started training for basketball. It is really hard to get the lay ups and drills right but hey, o don’t plan to quit. I won’t until I get it right. I got this. 💪🏾

Third strength is “Loving Hard”. Yes, that’s a strength. Most people don’t deserve the love I give out because they are full of shxt but I still find it in my heart to give them a bit of my love. I’m strong for being able to do that.

Till next time! 😘

DAY 9: One thing I wish I were good at.


That’s a beautiful talent. I think God did a good thing for not giving it to me because he knew I wouldn’t know how to act.

Day and night I’d be singing. Also, I kinda get annoyed by people that can sing but don’t like singing. Like, “Ma, sing for us.”

But I think I understand. Just because one is good at something doesn’t mean they always want to do it. I know that to be true because, I, being a writer also get annoyed by people asking, “write me a book”. Iitya ihayi toolwa ohayi dhiladhilwa kuume and they don’t always come easy.

But hey, I wish I could really sing. 🎶

DAY 8: What makes me smile?

Late post. 🤦🏾‍♀️ I’m better than this, I swear.

The books I’ve written make me smile. I look at them and some days I don’t even believe myself. “I wrote this amazing piece?” in disbelief than I just smile uncontrollably.

It’s cute to watch. Somebody should catch me off guard sometime. ❤️